Keep It Cool With IceLiners.

Easy to Use

  1. Place the mold securely on the glass, and use the easy-fill spout to fill the glass with water, mixers or juice.
  2. Place the filled glass and mold upright in freezer.
  3. When frozen, peel off the silicone mold and make another.

It's really that easy! See for yourself.

Our Story

Using a patented silicone mold and the included corresponding cocktail glass, we have created a revolutionary yet simplistic way to keep your favorite cocktail at the perfect temperature. 

Don't worry, the ice will outlast your drink.

Two Styles

There are currently two styles of molds. The classic IceLiners martini glass and the wildly popular rocks glass. Enjoy your favorite scotch in a totally new dimension. 


Get creative using various mixers, juices, and even fruit or berries. You are only limited by your own imagination. This is when IceLiners gets fun.