Glasses & Boxes Are Here...IceLiners Molds Are On The Way August 18 2016

The glasses have arrived at our location!  We have been assembling boxes all weekend.  I got word that the molds have been shipped out of China and are on their way.  They should arrive by the 3rd week of November. We should be shipping by the first of December.  Thanks for your patience!!

The glasses are here.
The glasses are here.
We are assembling our boxes.
We are assembling our boxes. is Live and Taking Orders! August 18 2016

I am happy to report that is up and running and ready to take orders for a December, 2014 delivery.

Look Who Is Talking About IceLiners! August 18 2016



Thank you for all your support!! August 18 2016

I would like to thank all of my 448 backers for having  faith in my project to bring it to reality.  I have already placed my first order for several thousand IceLiners molds.  They  are expected to be delivered by early November.  I have also placed an order for the glasses and boxes as well and I should have those by mid October.  In the next few days I will be surveying all of my backers to get their correct shipping information.  I am confident that I will be able to have the packages in the mail by the first of December at the latest as I know many of you are counting on IceLiners for Holiday gifts. Thank you again. 

Wow!! What a beautiful afternoon!! August 18 2016

Perfect time to celebrate!!  Not quite 5 o'clock, but pretty darn close here on the east coast. 

Can't wait for everyone to enjoy an IceLiners cocktail!

Can't wait for everyone to enjoy an IceLiners cocktail

Spy Photos of a possible IceLiners Margarita glass August 18 2016

In a secluded bunker deep within the granite of New Hampshire, the team from Helix Design has been working on a secret project. Rumors have already started circulating that an IceLiners margarita glass may be in the works.  Spy photos have strongly suggested that an IceLiners margarita glass may be coming early next year.  Dr. Daniel Kana, the inventor of IceLiners would neither confirm nor deny the rumors, but suggested to stay tuned because Cinco de Mayo is not that far away.

Keep Spreading the Word August 18 2016

If you have one more friend who may like IceLiners, tell them!! To ensure we all get our IceLiners by the Holidays, don’t delay!

International shipping added!!! August 18 2016

Apparently the Australians would like to have their cocktails colder!!  I have received several requests to ship international so I will add it today. Unfortunately it is expensive.  For the kits with 2 glasses and 2 molds it would be an additional $20.00. For the 4 glasses, 4 mold kits, it would be an additional $40.00 because they are over 5 pounds.  That would be my direct additional expense shipping by USPS, FedEx and UPS were 2-3 times that.  Thank you to all of the international people who might enjoy a better cocktail experience.

Looks like we are off to a great start!!! Lets keep the momentum going! August 18 2016

Thank you all for your early support!! Now it's time to keep things going. Please continue to spread the word with all of your family and friends who might enjoy a cold creative cocktail.  

IceLiners' Kickstarter is past the halfway point!!! August 18 2016

Thank you all so much for supporting my IceLiners project.  We have had over 200 backers and raised nearly $17,000 in the first 20 days.  We have had backers from Maine to California and from Australia to Lithuania. Lets keep it going so we can all drink a colder cocktail.  Please continue to get the word out to all of your friends and family as we need to reach our  $30,000 goal.

Orders ship within 24 hours of being placed, via 2-day Priority Mail. August 18 2016

All Kickstarter orders have been shipped & people are enjoying their IceLiners! August 18 2016

IceLiners Are Dishwasher Safe August 18 2016

The molds are dishwasher safe. Please wash before using.


We are now shipping!! August 18 2016


Time for a cold martini.
Time for a cold martini.
They are on the way!
They are on the way!

We're Almost There! Items Will Ship December 10th. August 18 2016

We plan to begin shipping December 10th. We will send the IceLiners out by Priority Mail (2 day delivery) so that everyone in the United States will have them well in advance of the holidays.

Boxes with labels ready to go.
Boxes with labels ready to go.
Instruction cards ready.
Instruction cards ready.

Need More Glasses? August 18 2016

The glasses we use are from Libbey Glassware.  The martini glass is a Vina 7518 martini glass, 10 oz.  The rocks glass is a 2338 Lexington Old Fashioned 10.5 oz, and can also be the Libbey Nob Hill 23386. All are readily available from online retailers.