Spy Photos of a possible IceLiners Margarita glass August 18 2016

In a secluded bunker deep within the granite of New Hampshire, the team from Helix Design has been working on a secret project. Rumors have already started circulating that an IceLiners margarita glass may be in the works.  Spy photos have strongly suggested that an IceLiners margarita glass may be coming early next year.  Dr. Daniel Kana, the inventor of IceLiners would neither confirm nor deny the rumors, but suggested to stay tuned because Cinco de Mayo is not that far away.

Need More Glasses? August 18 2016

The glasses we use are from Libbey Glassware.  The martini glass is a Vina 7518 martini glass, 10 oz.  The rocks glass is a 2338 Lexington Old Fashioned 10.5 oz, and can also be the Libbey Nob Hill 23386. All are readily available from online retailers.