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Easy to Use

My name is Dan Kana, and I am the inventor of IceLiners -- perhaps the coldest and simplest way to enjoy your favorite cocktail. As a former bartender, one of the most common calls was for a cold martini. People wanted a chilled glass, they wanted it shaken hard, they wanted ice crystals floating on the top. Why? Because they wanted it cold. I have created an experience where the last sip of your martini is as good as the first. This ice lined glass will typically last 35-45 minutes, keeping your drink at near-freezing temperatures.

The beauty of IceLiners lies in its simplicity. A glass, some water, and a creative mold that lines the glass with a thin layer of ice. Simply secure the mold onto the glass, fill with water using the easy pour in spout, and place upright into the freezer. Once frozen, remove the silicone mold, and you are ready to enjoy the IceLiners experience. Click here to view our instructional video.

With the recent resurgence in the bourbon and whiskey drinking, I decided to take the concept to a rocks glass. Your favorite scotch or bourbon in an IceLiners rocs glass is a beautiful experience. This may be even more popular than our martini glass.


I originally thought this idea would be most appealing for the traditional martini drinker and those who enjoy a bourbon on the rocks. We have since discovered how easy it is to expand the experience by using mixers or juices instead of water. Cranberry juice makes an excellent IceLiner for a cosmopolitan creating a stunning visual effect. You are only limited by your imagination.

Cranberry juice IceLiner in a martini glass. (Cosmopolitan); Mint leaves IceLiner in a rocks glass. ​(Mint Julep)

The ice-lined glass will keep your drink at near-freezing temperatures.
Orange juice IceLiner in a martini glass. (Mimosa)